Into the flow. Go with your flow.

Life is movement. Life is flow.

Body, Mind and Spirit.

I teach my own individual yoga style based on Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, inspired by Forrest yoga.

To find balance in those Yang yoga styles, I love to dive into deep and soft Yin yoga practice – experiencing stillness, ease and mediation.

Aerial yoga as well as partner and Acro yoga bring me off the yoga mat to explore even more dimensions of yoga, community, teamwork and much more.

What I am also very passionate about is Nuad. It`s also called passive yoga, thai yoga massage or simply yoga for lazy people. This one I practice with you in single sessions.

Yoga practice is for everyone – no matter what your age, size, weight, sex, etc. is.

So, the most important thing for me is, that my students find wellness, authenticity and joy, when they practice – instead of looking for a certain physical and/or emotional state.

In my classes there is space for everything, that feels good.  Everybody and everything can simply “be”. Open for experiences and exploration, anything CAN happen. But nobody and nothing MUST.

Teaching yoga means to me to share, what I love myself and what I`m excited about. And also to be a lifelong student myself.

Simply alive.
I invite you to find YOUR YOGA. Your are very welcome!
Meet me.